Media Counsel

Insurance Expertise to Strengthen
Your Representation of Media Clients

Media Risk Consultants LLC provides experienced insurance advice for media companies. Chad Milton and Michelle Worrall Tilton have expertise in all aspects of media liability as claims counsel, insurance company executives and brokers. We are actively involved in the media law community and are keenly aware of the outside lawyer’s important role in media clients’ risk management.

The media insurance industry has become increasingly complex, and experienced insurance knowledge can significantly improve the coverage and price of your clients’ policies. Subtle policy language variations may mean the difference between covered and non-covered claims for your clients. In some instances, brokers and media clients do not properly identify insurable risks. As a result, media companies increasingly look to you for help to supplement insurance advice.   We can help by providing insurance industry expertise and insight while helping you avoid conflicts of interest with media insurance companies, who you may also represent.   We provide assistance with the following:

  • Review renewal policy quotes for suitability and premium cost
  • Recommend coverage broadening enhancements
  • Review policies for coverage gaps
  • Conduct policy comparisons and manuscript policy language
  • Review claims for coverage under all relevant insurance policies, including the CGL policy
  • Review insurer reservations of rights, coverage denials and other coverage disputes
  • Perform claim advocacy functions to help resolve coverage disputes
  • Perform risk assessment studies and design insurance programs for large media companies and associations
  • Assist with broker relationships and selection, including the management of formal RFP contests
  • Work with clients and counsel to develop loss prevention strategies
  • Identify media exposures and perform risk assessments for strategic, insurance and compliance purposes
  • Conduct media insurance due diligence when your client is acquiring or merging with another media company to prevent coverage gaps and other uninsured events
  • Manage media self-insured claims and claims in bankruptcy
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with media insurers

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