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Risk Management

Media Risk Consultants LLC provides experienced insurance and risk management advice to improve risk management’s bottom line. Let us put our knowledge as claims attorneys, insurance company executives and brokers to work for you to enhance your risk management functions and results.   Media exposures have become increasingly complex, leaving many brokers behind the curve; and experienced, knowledgeable and independent oversight will improve the coverage and price of your media liability policy. In addition, risk management and in-house legal departments are often understaffed and overworked, impairing important internal information gathering, assessment and claim management. MRC provides an economical and efficient way for you to outsource that work. Our services include following:

Policy Underwriting and Placement

  • Perform risk assessment of media operations, including advertising and social media, to identify insurance needs
  • Gather underwriting information and prepare application for insurance
  • Review renewal policy quotes for suitability and cost
  • Review policies for coverage gaps
  • Conduct policy comparisons, manuscript policy language and recommend coverage enhancements

Claim Management

  • Review claims for coverage under all relevant media and non-media policies
  • Review insurer reservations of rights and coverage denials, and perform other claim advocacy functions
  • Manage and monitor self-insured and insured claims, including reports to insurers and legal bill review

Strategic Consulting

  • Perform risk assessment studies and design insurance programs, including programs for independent producers
  • Assist with broker relationships and selection, including the management of formal RFP competitions
  • Identify emerging risks and recommend loss prevention strategies to minimize exposure
  • Perform media risk assessments for strategic, insurance and compliance purposes
  • Conduct M & A due diligence on media risk and insurance issues

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