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Media Liability Expertise for Professional Liability Insurers

Media Risk Consultants LLC provides experienced insurance and risk management advice to help professional liability insurers manage an existing book of media liability business or build a new one. Our knowledge as claims attorneys, insurance company executives, product managers and brokers in this specialty market will quickly enhance your underwriting success – and bottom line. The integration of media, entertainment and technology has resulted in increasingly complex underwriting and a fragmentation of distribution channels. MRC provides an economical and efficient way for you to leverage our expertise to supplement product development, distribution, marketing and claims management. Our services include the following:


  • Draft policies, applications and endorsements
  • Revise existing forms
  • Anticipate liability trends and design innovative products for risk containment or capture
  • Develop underwriting manuals and guidelines
  • Compare competitors’ policies

Claims Management

  • Handle claims and coverage issues
  • Identify and recommend panel counsel
  • Audit claims

Marketing and Distribution

  • Develop strategic communications, including newsletters, blogs and product sheets
  • Formulate risk mitigation seminars and other best practices recommendations for insureds
  • Identify and cultivate key media brokers

Strategic Consulting

  • Train underwriters and claim staff
  • Work with IT for media liability data capture and analytics
  • Gather and analyze information for SOX and reinsurance compliance
  • Assist with annual marketing and distribution plans
  • Facilitate media policy filings and respond to state departments of insurance

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