Insurance is important for transferring risk and protecting assets. We work with you—whether a media company, broker or insurer—to simplify the insurance process and enhance the result.

Media/Content Companies

We help businesses that create and disseminate media content identify, understand and manage the associated risks. In short, we will save you time and money—leading to a superior coverage. Among other things, we can:

  • Facilitate the Insurance Process
  • Develop Risk Management and Best Practices
  • Manage Claims and Review Coverage Determinations
  • Facilitate and Build Relationships with Insurance Companies

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Media Counsel

We help by providing insurance industry expertise and insight while helping you avoid conflicts of interest with media insurance companies, who you may also represent. We provide assistance with the following:

  • Review renewal policy quotes for suitability and premium cost
  • Recommend coverage broadening enhancements
  • Review policies for coverage gaps
  • Conduct policy comparisons and manuscript policy language
  • Review claims for coverage under all relevant insurance policies, including the CGL policy

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We will help you enhance client service, acquisition and retention by helping to assess risk, evaluate coverage and place appropriate media liability insurance. Among other services, we can:

  • Help Attract New Clients by Broadening Your Expertise
  • Help Retain Clients through Experienced Claim Advocacy
  • Enhance Client Services and Minimize Loss through Risk Management
  • Develop In-House Expertise

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We will help you manage an existing book of media liability business or build a new one. Among other things, we can:

  • Analyze the Insured Marketplace and Assist in Targeting and Segmentation of Prospects
  • Develop Underwriting Tools
  • Perform Full Array of Claims Management Services
  • Develop Marketing Materials

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