Media Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services


MEDIA RISK CONSULTANTS, LLC, is an independent media liability insurance consulting firm dedicated to protecting client assets through risk management, claim advocacy, innovative risk solutions and comprehensive insurance. At Media Risk Consultants, we do not sell insurance, nor are we affiliated with any insurance company, broker or agency. We provide objective insurance advice on a fee-for-service basis. We are never paid a commission.

With more than forty years experience in all aspects of media insurance, including risk management, brokerage, claims and underwriting, we simplify the insurance process, enhance coverage and, in most instances, reduce insurance costs for our clients. We also save our clients valuable time by directing the insurance process and facilitating communications with brokers and insurers.

Media liability insurance is a necessity for companies in the business of advertising, broadcasting, entertainment, music and publishing. The types of exposures typically covered by media liability policies include defamation, invasion of privacy, newsgathering perils (trespass and wiretapping), infringement of copyright and trademark. Non-media companies with ancillary media exposure, such as sports teams and leagues, casinos, professional associations, colleges and universities, hospitals and retailers, should also consider procuring media insurance. These industries have a significant media exposure because they disseminate significant amounts of diverse content through a variety of media outlets. Commercial general liability policies are often too narrow to adequately cover media and advertising exposures by limiting coverage for much internet content, as well as limiting or excluding intellectual property coverage.

In order to prevent coverage gaps, proper risk identification is crucial. We work with content companies and brokers to fully assess exposure during the application process so that comprehensive coverage can be placed. It is also important for policyholders to implement and practice sound loss prevention to minimize exposure to costly and time-consuming litigation—and to maintain broad coverage for a reasonable premium and self-insured retention. We collaborate with clients to develop practical loss prevention training tools, including those necessary to reduce the risks associated with social media.